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Olimp is one of the most requested resorts on the Romanian seaside; it is located in the extension of the northern side of Neptun resort. Olimp have always had the appearance of the Western summer resorts, due to the architecture of the hotels, commercial spaces, clubs and terraces, which have transformed Olimp into one of the resorts most frequented by tourists since before 1989. The high cliff offers a splendid view over the Black Sea and the beach is always crowded during the summer season. Here, various television chanels and a lot of companies produce every summer their entertainment shows, promotional activities, etc. The opportunities for recreation are diverse, in clubs, discoteques, bowling sites, etc.


The beach of Olimp resort has two characteristics: the one located in the southern area (towards Neptun) is a narrow beach, bordered by a high cliff, with clean water, being very crowded, with stony entrance in the sea water; and the one located in the northern area (near the Amfiteatru – Panoramic - Belvedere Complex), wider, but fragmented by numerous artificial gulfs. Next to this area, there is a portion of wild beach between Olimp, arranged).


The accommodation of Olimp resort is made up of hotels built during the comunism and of the famous villas that belonged to the Communist nomenclature. These villas are either privatized or still belong to government or public companies of the State protocol; even now, after so many years after the fall of communism, these villas are not included in the general tourist circuit, being still the preserve of the privileged political class.

4 stars hotels and villas: Cocorul**** Hotel, Bradul**** Hotel, Salcia**** Villa, Mesteacan**** Villa, Pinul**** Villa, Stejarul**** Villa, Plopul**** Villa, Lotus**** Villa, Trandafirul**** Villa, Ciresul**** Villa, Ghiocelul**** Villa, Bujorul**** Villa, Crinul**** Villa, Violeta**** Villa.

3 stars hotels and villas: Majestic Olimp*** Hotel, Ciresica*** Villa, No. 7*** Villa.

2 stars hotels: Amfiteatru** Hotel, Belvedere** Hotel, Panoramic** Hotel, Muntenia** Hotel, Banat** Hotel, Moldova** Hotel, Arad** Hotel, Craiova** Hotel, Oltenia** Hotel, Slatina** Hotel, Sibiu** Hotel.

Rented properties: In Olimp, near the railway, there are some flats buildings, belonging to the few locals, who rent rooms (one by one) or the entire apartment to tourists during summer season.

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