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Mamaia Sat is the seaside area situated between the area of Mamaia beach resort (5 km) and the city of Navodari (3 km). It can be reached by car or with the scheduled buses and minibuses on the route of Constanta – Mamaia -  Mamaia-Sat - Navodari. Navodari city is mainly known by tourists for the camp for children, founded about 20 years ago. Corbu village area (5 km north of Navodari), is an area of coastline which is not known so far by many tourists, but could have an interesting future because of the beach area, which is very good.

Mamaia Sat is a locality where until a few years ago there had a little accommodation capacity; the villas built in recent years in the area between Mamaia and Navodari, area known as “Hanul Piratilor” or Mamaia Sat, are, most of them, finished and can be an alternative for those who want to come in Mamaia but do not want to pay the high costs of accommodation in hotels of this resort. The area is about 5km from Mamaia and 3km of Navodari. The villas in this area are placed at a distance of 50 - 400 m from the beach, which is a very big advantage for the tourists. Even if the area is still under construction, its great position, the long and wide beach and the very easy access to the sea water, the clear water and the quiet area due to the fact that it is not known for many tourists make this location to become from year to year increasingly more interesting for tourists looking for peace and intimacy. Near this area there are Hanul Piratilor Restaurant and Hanul Piratilor Camping, where tourists can serve the meals and about 3 km away there is Navodari children camp with various possibilities of entertainment, restaurants, commercial areas and many more.



In Mamaia – Navodari - Corbu area there is a beach as wide as in Mamaia resort, 12-15 km long, which, officially, is not arranged and it is maintained by local authorities; this beach is by far one of the best natural beaches of the Romanian seaside. Here the sea water is very clean and the sea access is on an area with a very small slope that stretches up to 100-200m offshore, the water reaching depths of 1-2m.The isolation and the fact that this beach is not known by many tourists, make it ideal for those who want to fully enjoy the ambiance of the beach and the sea. Is a sure thing that in the next years Mamaia Sat will become a tourism phenomenon following the example of Vama Veche or 2 Mai, because of the originality of this beautiful place. There are already a lot of tourists who populate this beach during weekends, for picnics by the sea. It is a unique phenomenon not seen anywhere on the Romanian coast. During the peak season, in weekends, hundreds of cars and their occupants spend all day on the beach near the barbecues and the tents protecting them from the hot sun.


Currently, in Mamaia Sat area there is only one hotel (Arcadia 4*) and many large villas. Along with the private accommodation options, the main accommodation units in the area are: Alexandra Villa 3*, Liliana Villa 2* and Cristina Villa 2* and plenty of campings such as: Hanul Piratilor Complex, Camping S, Camping Nord, Camping Pescaresc. In the area of Navodari Lake there is a beautiful vacation home - Ene Villa. Near Mamaia (1-2 km away) there are: Coral Beach complex of apartments 3* and Corabia Piratilor complex of apartments 2*, accommodation units inaugurated after 2000. At the top of this page you will find the offers of the most important units of accommodation in this area. Navodari city doesn’t have a representative accommodation offer, except the children camp, where there are also accommodation units for adults. In the town there are individuals who rent rooms in apartments, at affordable rates. Corbu village has at this point only one touristic complex (Cristiana), two pensions and a few individuals who rent rooms in their own homes.

3 star Villas: Alexandra*** Villa, Coral Beach *** Complex of Apartments, Hanul Piratilor*** Complex, Cristina*** Villa.

2 stars Villas: Corabia Piratilor** complex of apartments, Camping S**, Camping Nord**, Camping Pescaresc**.

Rented properties: Ene Villa, Andreea Villa, Maria Villa, Irina Villa.

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