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Mamaia resort is situated at the northern limit of Constanta city. In continuation of Mamaia resort, in the north, there is the village of Mamaia Sat and Navodari at a distance of 7km.

Access routes: Mamaia begins at the northern limit of Constanta city, at about 500m of Delfinariu district and 300 m of Tomis Nord district. The resort is accessible from these areas walking or from the center of the city and from the railway station by bus (40, 100, 23 lines) and minibuses (301, 302, 305 lines). Note that Mamaia is one of the largest resorts in Romania with 8 km long.

Mamaia, the northernmost resort on the Romanian Riviera, is the largest seaside resort in Romania with more than 60 hotels, of which 3 are 5 stars hotel, 5 of 4 stars, 3 hotels of 1 star and the rest are 2 and 3 stars hotels. Mamaia has the most complete equipment of seaside resorts for water sports. The investments made in the last years turned Mamaia into the most competitive holiday destination for Romanian tourists, and this year there are expected to arrive some enlarged groups of Western tourists. The accommodation area of the resort is 100% privatized and we hope that this will increase the quality of the touristic services. The center of the resort and the promenade were fully restored. In the Casino area, a small square with a beautiful fountain and kiosk for orchestras performing artistic programs every evening, determine a lot of tourists to spend their evenings here. The resort also has a lot of restaurants, terraces, bars, clubs, pizzerias, discotheques and tennis courts, miniature golf, volleyball and basketball. In fact, the resort of Mamaia is known for good quality tennis courts making the hosts each season to organize various tennis tournaments. Water sports can be successfully applied on sea (jet-sky-ing, boat, waterbicycle, etc.) and on Siutghiol Lake (wind surfing, sailing, ski-sports and paragliding). In Mamaia, tourists can also have motor glider rides or paragliding towed by motor launches.

Many discoteques, of which some are very large and have last generation equipment, are full night after night. Since 2003, Mamaia has a water park, AquaMagic, located at the entrance of Mamaia, in the southern area of the resort; in 2007 was inaugurated the Telegondola, unique in Romania; it crosses Mamaia resort from its southern area next to Perla Hotel to the center of the resort, near the Casino.


Mamaia beach (8km long and 100 - 200 m wide) is the largest beach on the Romanian coast and one of the largest in Europe. It has fine sand, numerous amenities and most of it is leased to hotels or entrepreneurs. The access into the sea water is usually smooth and without stones or shells. Mamaia Beach presents the following differences: the beach in the south, at the entrance in the city of Constanta, is the narrowest and stoniest; the one in the center is wide, crowded, being the area where most events are organized on the beach. The beach of the north of the resort is the best arranged and has the best sand.



Mamaia, the northernmost resort on the Romanian Riviera, is the largest seaside resort in Romania with more than 60 hotels, of which 3 are 5 stars hotel, 5 of 4 stars, 3 hotels of 1 star and the rest are 2 and 3 stars hotels. There are a very small number of villas; the private accommodations, very well represented in the rest of the seaside resorts, are practically nonexistent in Mamaia.

5 stars Hotels: Vega***** Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel *****, Club Scandinavia***** Hotel, Mamaia***** Hotel and Rex***** Hotel.

4 stars Hotels: Bavaria Blu****Hotel, Iaki**** Hotel, Golden Tulip Mamaia**** Hotel, Savoy**** Hotel, Palas**** Hotel, Modern**** Hotel, Comandor**** Hotel, Condor**** Hotel, Amiral**** Hotel, Malibu**** Hotel, Laguna**** Hotel, Splendid**** Hotel.

3 stars Hotels: Ambassador *** Hotel, Victoria**/*** Hotel, Lido*** Hotel, Pelican*** Hotel, Perla*** Hotel, Caraiman*** Hotel, Albatros*** Hotel, Central*** Hotel, Riviera*** Hotel, Dorna*** Hotel, Brizaa*** Hotel, Orfeu*** Hotel, Tomis*** Hotel, Majestic*** Hotel, Victory*** Villa.

2 stars Hotels: Delta** Hotel, Dunarea** Hotel, Flora ** Hotel, Parc** Hotel, Hefaistos** Hotel, Apollo** Hotel, Aurora** Hotel, Lotus** Hotel, Pescarus** Hotel, Sulina** Hotel, Promese** Villa, Caraiman II** Hotel, Piccadily** Hotel, Venus** Hotel, Mercur - Minerva** Hotel, Patria ** Hotel, Delfin** Hotel, National** Hotel, Metropol** Hotel, Unirea** Hotel,  Dacia Sud** Hotel, Select** Hotel, Ovidiu** Hotel, Doina** Hotel, Siret** Hotel, Alcor** Hotel, Selena** + Hotel, Astoria** Hotel.

1 star Hotels: Saguna* Hotel, Olt* Hotel, Midia* Hotel, Cazino * Hotel, Histria * Hotel.


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