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Eforie Sud resort is situated between Eforie Nord to the north (2 km) and Tuzla to the south, between Techirghiol Lake and the Black Sea, about 15 km from Constanta. You can get there either by train on Constanta - Mangalia line, which circulates permently, or using the public transportation (buses, minibuses).

Eforie Sud – the former prewar resort of Carmen Sylva - appears as a quiet town with broad streets, shaded by tree vegetation, with numerous villas and houses that provide tourists a good comfort at low prices on the Romanian coast. The narrow beach is stretched over a length of 2 km at the foot of the cliff in Eforie Sud, which reaches the highest height of all seside resorts in Romania. Especially recommended for those seeking tranquility and lower rates, Eforie Sud resort is also suitable for people interested in spa treatments. There is also a Spa Sanatorium that offers treatment services throughout the year and a swimming pool on the shore of Techirghiol Lake where tourists can make therapeutic baths.


The beach of Eforie Sud is the narrowest of all our coastal resorts due to increased erosion and lack of investment for the protection of this area. The cliff is very high and the access to the beach is made on stairs. Should be noted that in the north side of the resort, namely in the portion between Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud, on a distance of about 2 km, there is a very good beach.


In the resort Eforie Sud that there are a number of villas that offer accommodation services; some of these houses belong to Carmen Sylva SA and Carmen Sylva 2000 SA and the other to the private sector. Note that the resort has, however, the lowest comfort in terms of number of accommodation units rated at 3 stars. There are no accommodation units of 4 or 5 stars. There are some accommodation units of 3 stars and most are of 1 star or 2 stars. The huge majority of accommodation units are old and without any recent improvement. There are, however, some villas, hotels and hostels built recently that provide good conditions of accommodation. Both villas approved by the Ministry of Tourism and the unapproved ones are offering a wide range of comforts of the rooms: from 1 star to 3 stars comfort.

3 stars hotels and villas: Aqua*** Hotel, Flacara*** Hotel, Flamingo*** Hotel, Edmond*** Hotel, Amaradia*** Hotel; Cristina*** pension, Cuibul Reginei*** pension.

2 stars hotels and villas: Jiul** Hotel, Ancora** Hotel, Gloria** Hotel, Cimas** Hotel, Vifor** Hotel, Randunica** Hotel, Capitol** Hotel, Hanul Hora** Hotel, Margaritar** Hotel, Fagaras** Hotel, Cosmos** Hotel, Magura** Hotel, Riviera** Hotel, Excelsior** Hotel, Milcov** Hotel, Oltetul** Hotel, Vanatorul** Hotel, Sanziana** Hotel, Eminescu** Villa.

1 star hotels and villas: Caprioara * Hotel, Busola* Hotel, Mures* Hotel, Fortuna* Hotel, Crisana* Hotel, Turist* Hotel, Parc* Hotel, Suceava* Hotel, Orizont* Hotel, Oltenia* Hotel, Privighetoarea* Hotel, Sirena* Hotel, Amurg* Hotel, Dumbrava* Hotel, Porumbita* Hotel, Olga* Pension, Plutas* Villa, Colibri* Villa, Dacia* Villa, Cristal* Villa, Delia* Villa, Hortensia* Villa, Alexandra* Villa, Marea Neagra* Villa, Marte* Villa, Narcisa* Villa, Pescarus* Villa, Racheta* Villa, Tulcea* Villa, Steaua* Villa, Victoria* Villa, Craiova* Villa, Pisica de Mare* Villa, Vraja Marii* Villa, Cetatuia* Villa, Lidia* Villa.

Rented properties: By an old tradition, the locals of Eforie Sud put at clients’disposal rooms for rent in private houses or apartments. Comfort of this type of accommodation is lowerbeing similar to 1 star accommodation units in the approved system of tourism. Most of the spaces provided by the locals for accommodations are situated in the same building as the owner’s home, with shared bathrooms and sharing the kitchen in cooperation with the other accommodated tourists. The affordable prices (compared with the hotels’ rates) make these inconveniences to be of less importance for some tourists who choose these cheap options. There are also a significant number of newly built villas which offer comparable with the 3 stars hotels (these villas are a very good accommodation alternative to a price somewhat lower than the official homologated prices).

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