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Eforie Nord is situated between Agigea to the north (5 km) and Eforie Sud to the south (2 km) and about 12km from Constanta. Thos resort can be reached either by train on the Constanta-Mangalia line, which is circulated permently, or by means of transport in common (there are a variety of providers who offer transportation services of various types and qualities).

Eforie Nord is a permanent watering and climatic resort famous for its treatment facilities; it is also a very popular holiday resort, one of the reasons for this being the tourist services at reasonable prices. There are 3 treatment centers open all year: Efosan Spa Sanatorium (Grand), one of the oldest settlements to treat various diseases by natural methods (baths, aerosols, Techirghiol mud), Britain Complex Treatment Center (formerly Steaua de Mare, Delfinul ande Meduza complex) and the spa of Europa**** hotel (it is one of the most modern and best equipped spa centers in Romania). There are also several smaller treatment centers either in some hotels such as Petrolul Hotel and Traian Hotel, or in various private clinics that offer good services. The leisure possibilities are represented by a lot of restaurants, terraces, bars and discosteques. We recommend Nunta Zamfirei (Zamfira’s Wedding) restaurant, with 25 years of tradition, which offers a unique program in Romania (the program respects the customs and the menu of a traditional Romanian wedding, accompanied by folk singers), very in vogue many years ago, now slightly less due to new tastes of younger generations less attracted to traditional values and authentic folk music.


The beaches of Eforie Nord are about 3.4 km long and 20-100m wide, bordered in the north of the resort of a high cliff, a walking promenade well known in this resort. The beach of Eforie Nord has the following characteristics: the beach in the south area, to Eforie Sud, is the best portion of the resort, being larger, with easy access (here there is no cliff); this part of the beach has many recreational spaces. The north beach of the resort is narrow, crowded and the access is on a cliff high on the stairs.


In recent years, in Eforie Nord several new hotels have been built and a lot of private houses with a high comfort level that surpasses the comfort of some old hotels, remaining from the days of communism. The hotels and villas presented with details and images on this website are the most suitable choice for tourists who want to spend their holiday in comfort conditions in Eforie Nord.

4 stars hotels and villas: Europa ****Hotel, Britannia 1 **** Hotel (formerly Delfin), Alexandra**** Villa, El Stefanino**** Villa, Acapulco**** Villa.

3 stars hotels and villas: Apollo*** Hotel, Union*** Hotel, Philoxenia*** Hotel, Angely*** villas, Astoria*** Hotel, Roxy & Mario*** Hotel, Helena*** Villa, Coralia*** Villa, Green Place*** Villa, Azaleea*** Villa, Dynes*** Minihotel, Lucia*** Villa, Belu*** Villa, Ancora*** Villa, Colonial*** Villa, Casa cu Lei*** Villa, Green House*** Villa, Britannia 2*** Hotel (formerly Medusza), Berlin*** Hotel.

2 star hotels and villas: Holiday** Hotel, Felix** Hotel, Jupiter** Hotel, Venus** Hotel, Hefaistos** Hotel, Bran** Hotel, Minerva** Hotel, Vraja Marii** Hotel, Nord** Hotel, Brad** Hotel, Bega** Hotel, Petrolul** Hotel, Carmen** Hotel, Meduza** Hotel, Atlas** Hotel, Decebal** Hotel, Cristal** Hotel, Solero** Hotel, Belvedere**  Hotel, Diana** Hotel, Britannia 3** Hotel (formerly Steaua de Mare), Azur** Hotel, Traian** Hotel, Monteo** Villa, Adela** Villa, Eliza** Villa, Cornelia** Villa, Crinul** Villa, Narcisa** Villa, Rose Marie** Villa, Parc** Villa, Oita** Villa, Energia** Villa, Anexa Energia** Villa, Rita** Villa, Egreta** Villa, Flora** Villa, Gradinita** Villa, Mimoza** Villa, Dalia** Villa, Garofita** Villa, Anemona** Villa, Violeta** Villa, Gladiola** Villa, Zambila** Villa, Nufarul** Villa, Oituz** Villa, Mitu** Villas.

1 star hotels and villas: Sirius* Hotel, Hermes* Hotel, Pescarus* Hotel, Uranus* Hotel, Bucegi* Hotel, Fagaras* Hotel, Lira* Hotel, Fortuna * Hotel, Holiday* Hotel, Neptun* Hotel, Belona* Hotel, Cerna* Hotel, Saturn* Hotel, Pinguin* Hotel, Opera* Hotel, Cupidon* Hotel, Sport* Hotel, Putna* Hotel, Lebada* Hotel, Prahova*Hotel, Eforie* Hotel, Cormoran* Hotel, Arta* Hotel, Sincai* Villa.

Rented properties: By an old tradition, the locals of Eforie Nord put at clients’disposal rooms for rent in private houses or apartments. Comfort of this type of accommodation is lowerbeing similar to 1 star accommodation units in the approved system of tourism. Most of the spaces provided by the locals for accommodations are situated in the same building as the owner’s home, with shared bathrooms and sharing the kitchen in cooperation with the other accommodated tourists. The affordable prices (compared with the hotels’ rates) make these inconveniences to be of less importance for some tourists who choose these cheap options. There are also a significant number of newly built villas which offer comparable with the 3 stars hotels (these villas are a very good accommodation alternative to a price somewhat lower than the official homologated prices).

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