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The resort of Costinesti is situated between Tuzla (7 km) and Olimp (5 km), by the sea. From the National Road, you have to turn left at the fork (signaled) and continue straight ahead about 2 km to reach the resort. It is located right next to Schitu village.

Costinesti - resort of the young people, known in recent years a very rapid transformation in terms of tourism. If hotels have remained the same and have not been completed with new ones, the number of villas and vacation homes has incredibly increased in just a few years, being the most important part of the accommodation facilities of the resort. After the floods of 2005, there have been made major repairs to the surface area of the resort and of the cliff. Costinesti offers multiple opportunities for youth recreation, restaurants, terraces, bars and the largest discoteques on the Romanian coast.


The beach of Costinesti resort has two characteristics: the southern beach is wide and spacious but also very crowded, with little stony entrance in the sea water (the obelisk, BTT area) and the northern beach (towards Epava area) a narrow beach, bordered by a cliff not very high, but with fine sand and clear water.


In general, in Costinesti resort there are few hotels, but there are many villas and mini-hotels, most of them rated at 2 and 3 stars. A significant part of the hotels and villas offer accommodation for young people, students and pupils at affordable rates.

3 stars hotels and villas: Vox Maris*** Villa, Stefania*** Hotel, Junona*** Villa, Viky*** Villa, Pierre*** Hotel, Cris*** Villa, Briza*** Villa, Andreea *** Vila.

2 stars hotels and villas: Victoria** Villa, Forum** Hotel, Iunia** Villa, Gemenii** Villas, Tiberius** Villa, White Inn** Hotel, Marin** Villa, Alfa**, Beta**, Gamma ** Villas, Adriana** Villa, Alex** Villa, Babylon** Villa, Briza Marii** Villa, Comandor** pension, Costinesti** Hotel, Delta** Villa, Ielelor*** Inn, La Rascruce** Villa, Lagos**Pension, Pop Dan** Vila, Tomis** Villa, Triumf** Villa, Zaharia** Villa, Perla Marii** Hotel, Casa Soremar**.

1 star hotels and villas: Amiral Nord* Villas, Coral* Villa, Wooden Houses, Azur* Hotel, Delfin* Villa, Belvedere* Villas, Bibi* Villa, Meduza* cottages, Ademona* Villa, Amario* Villa, Costinesti* Hotel, Albatros* Villas, Harris* Villa, Victoria* Hotel, Bianca* Villa, Felix* Hotel, Galaxy* Villa, Mistral* Villas, Panselutelor* Villa, Pescarus* Villa, Raluca* Villa, Selena* Villa, Sofia* Villa, Tana* Villa, Vacanta* Villa, Maxim* Villa.

Rented properties: private accommodations are flourishing, being the main source of winning of the great majority of locals in Costinesti. Celebrity and the lowest prices on the coast lead to overcrowding during peak periods of the resort.

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